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Adaptability according to weather and riding experience at Costa Rica Moto

At Costa Rica Moto, we understand that every group is unique and has different needs. That's why we offer flexible customization options for riding experiences to ensure that every participant has an unforgettable motorcycle tour.

  1. Group sizes: We offer tours for small groups of up to 8 people in order to provide a personal and intimate experience and to be able to respond more individually to individual participants.

  2. Riding level: Our tours are suitable for riders of all experience levels, from beginners to experienced motorcyclists. Our experienced guides adjust the route and pace according to the riding level of the group to ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Beginners receive thorough instruction and support, while experienced riders have the opportunity to test their skills on challenging routes.

With Costa Rica Moto, you can rest assured that your motorcycle tour will be perfectly adapted to the needs of your group, whether it's the size of the group or the riding level. Experience Costa Rica on two wheels and let us design your perfect motorcycle tour!

Accompanied tour 1

Sun, beach and adventure

Nicoya Peninsula: conquer the wild beauty of the peninsula on two wheels!

This trip takes you through a fascinating combination of nature, culture and adventure as you explore the unique beauty of this region.
The variety of landscapes, from sandy coastal roads to mountainous trails, makes this peninsula a dream destination for motorcyclists in search of exciting and varied routes.

The welcoming communities along the route invite you to sample local cuisine and experience the laid-back culture of the region. With year-round pleasant weather and an abundance of natural wonders, the Nicoya Peninsula is a true paradise for motorcycle enthusiasts who want to combine the freedom of the road with the beauty of nature.

31.5. bis 7.6.2024
1.8. bis 8.8.2025

Ready to experience adventure on two wheels?

Start your engine and explore the Nicoya Peninsula with us in a way that offers unforgettable experiences and endless freedom.

Experience the thrill of driving on winding roads through tropical forests while the salty ocean wind blows around your nose. The Nicoya Peninsula not only offers challenging routes, but also numerous viewpoints where you can enjoy the spectacular panoramas.

This tour not only offers unique nature experiences, but also the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and be enchanted by the relaxed atmosphere of the Nicoya Peninsula. There is also plenty of time for activities such as surfing and fishing.

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Accompanied tour 2

Over the summits of the challenge

Discover the undiscovered: from the South Pacific to Drake Bay and the exotic beauty of Costa Rica

Immerse yourself in a motorcycle adventure of a special kind with our tour that leads down to Drake Bay via San Vito to Cerro de la Muerte. This expedition promises not only breathtaking views, but also a challenge for experienced motorcyclists who want to prove themselves on winding roads and gravel tracks.
At the beginning of the tour, the route is relaxed along the Pacific coast. Well-known villages and towns such as Quepos, Jaco and Uvita are on our way.


23.5. bis 31.5.2025

The picturesque Drake Bay on the Pacific coast is difficult to reach via a gravel road, but the effort is rewarded by the paradisiacal surroundings. Corcovado National Park is a diamond among Costa Rica's national parks and is definitely worth a visit. The roads on this tour are always challenging.

The Cerro de la Muerte, translated as "Mountain of Death", is not only a geographical barrier, but also a triumph for
motorcycle enthusiasts. With differences in altitude and dizzying bends, this section of the tour offers an adrenaline rush of a special kind.

The reward?
Panoramic views that are worth the effort.


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Accompanied tour 3

On the trail of the fire giants

Costa Rica's breathtaking
volcano tour takes you to the most impressive fire mountains
of the country!

Experience the fascinating world of volcanoes in Costa Rica on a unique tour. Discover majestic volcanoes, some of them active, and explore the breathtaking landscape. This tour offers insights into the geological history of the country and takes you to rugged peaks as well as green valleys. Learn more about volcanic activity, enjoy hot springs and marvel at


28.2. bis 9.3.2025

the unique flora and fauna that has adapted to these geothermal zones. A Costa Rica volcano tour promises a fascinating adventure amidst an impressive natural backdrop. Discover the volcanoes of Costa Rica now!

Irazu, Turrialba, Arenal, Poas, Tenorio and Rincon de la Vieja are 6 of the most famous volcanoes of the more than 60 that the country has to offer.
Costa Rica's volcanoes are not only natural phenomena, but also important centers for research and nature conservation. A trip to these majestic peaks promises not only adventure and thrills, but also a deep insight into the volcanic beauty and diversity of this fascinating country.

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Accompanied tour 4

Crossover: Coast to coast

The magic of curves and beach feeling on a motorcycle!

This exciting journey takes motorcycle enthusiasts through winding roads and adventurous gravel tracks to the country's must-do activities. Whether it's an obligatory coffee tour, a resource center or the famous suspension bridges in the rainforest. You can experience it all on this tour. The journey is still the destination here. We encounter different road qualities here. Beautiful winding roads to enjoy, somewhat more challenging gravel roads and, if you wish, beach roads, the coast to coast offers everything.

9.12 bis 23.12.2024
31.1.bis 14.2.2025
24.3. bis 6.4.2025 (nur Frauen)

From the green rainforests to the picturesque coastline, you can experience a unique perspective here. Enjoy the thrill of winding roads around the Arenal volcano and explore hidden waterfalls in the Monteverde cloud forest. Costa Rica Moto has considered every detail to offer motorcyclists an unforgettable adventure. 

Discover the freedom of motorcycling, the nature and culture of Costa Rica on two wheels - an incomparable experience for true enthusiasts. This tour is also ideal for riding with a pillion.


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Accompanied tour 5

Biker expedition
Rock the Roads

Experience the ultimate adventure on our
Costa Rica Intensive Tour!!!

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable motorcycle adventure with Costa Rica Moto, which takes you through all the fascinating regions of this tropical paradise in 3 weeks. From misty mountain peaks to active volcanoes and palm-fringed beaches, this tour offers an intense experience that reveals the beauty and diversity of Costa Rica in all its splendor.

We start in Limonal, about 45 minutes from the airport. We drive along the Pacific coast past well-known villages and towns via Serpe to Drake Bay. The Corcovado National Park is the jewel among the national parks. The marine fauna can also be explored here while diving or snorkeling.

31.10. bis 21.11.2025

Over mountainous and winding roads, we head to the other side of the country in the Caribbean. Unwind and enjoy the Jamaican rhythms. Join us in the mystical cloud forests of Monteverde and Santa Elena, where you will cross suspension bridges to reach the treetops, from where you will have breathtaking views of the green landscape. We continue our journey to the impressive Arenal volcano and experience the magic of the tropical nights.

The Nikoya with its beautiful roads and stretches of beach should not be missing from our tour. In addition to the romantic sunsets, Samara also offers ideal conditions for fishing and surfing.

This 3-week motorcycle tour by Costa Rica Moto not only offers intense riding pleasure, but also the opportunity to experience the diversity of this country in all its facets. Experience the vibrant energy of the cities, the tranquillity of the beaches, the mysterious cloud forests and the wild beauty of the national parks. Be ready for an adventure that will awaken your senses and create unforgettable memories.

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Guided tour 6


Are you still hanging out at resorts with your friends and family, or are you already experiencing unique vacations?

Costa Rica Moto und Wielandontheroad, dein Tor zu einzigartigen Motorrad- und 4×4-Campingabenteuern in Costa Rica. Erlebe die Freiheit des Strassenfahrens und des Campierens inmitten der atemberaubenden Kulisse dieses tropischen Paradieses.

Unsere Kombi-Touren bieten die perfekte Symbiose aus spannenden Motorrad- oder im 4×4-Camper. Ein Erlebnis für die ganze Familie. Geniesse die Tage auf
2 oder 4 Rädern mit aufregenden Fahrten durch Costa Ricas vielfältige Landschaften und lass die Abende mit deiner Familie im gemütlichen Camp ausklingen, umgeben von der natürlichen Schönheit des Landes.

Costa Rica Moto und Wielandontheroad sorgen nicht nur für professionelle Begleitung, sondern bieten auch ein breites Spektrum an Aktivitäten an. Wir teilen mit Euch unsere Leidenschaft für Strasse und die Natur.


4.11. bis 15.11.2024
24.4. bis 2.5.2025

Buche noch heute und erlebe Costa Rica auf eine einzigartige Art und Weise – eine perfekte Kombination aus Freiheit, Abenteuer und gemeinsamen Erlebnissen!
Mach dich bereit für unvergessliche Momente.


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