Experience the Switzerland of Central America on the Enduro.

The perfect motorcycle adventure

Costa Rica Moto:
Your expert for unforgettable motorcycle adventures!

Experience the ultimate motorcycle adventure in Costa Rica! Our guided tours take you through breathtaking landscapes, from off-road tracks to well-maintained roads. Enjoy the diversity of the rainforest, the majestic volcanoes and the green pastures along the slopes.

As a motorcycle tour operator by motorcyclists for motorcyclists, we offer unique experiences in small groups. Experience unforgettable days full of riding fun and community.

Our tours are accompanied by powerful and reliable Yamaha XT motorcycles, such as the XT 660 Tenere, XT660R and XT 600E. Discover the freedom of off-road riding and the pleasure of riding on paved roads.

Experience unforgettable rides on gravel roads, picturesque mountain roads or along the coasts of Costa Rica. Our tours offer a passionate connection between you and your machine that appeals to your senses and frees your mind.

Start your motorcycle adventure with Costa Rica Moto and discover the beauty and diversity of Costa Rica on two wheels!



The Yamaha XT series, including the Yamaha XT 660 Tenere, XT660R and XT 600E, embody the unmistakable spirit of enduro motorcycles and have secured a firm place in the world of dual-sport motorcycles.

The common DNA of the Yamaha XT series includes robust construction, powerful engines and the ability to perform equally well on and off-road. These motorcycles appeal to adventurous riders who love the freedom of off-road riding but still appreciate the convenience of a road machine. Experience unforgettable rides, whether on gravel tracks or paved roads, with the Yamaha XT series. Discover your adventure - now! >>> Motorcycles


Motorcycle tours are more than just rides on two wheels - they are a passionate connection between man and machine, a journey that appeals to the senses and liberates the mind. On a motorcycle tour, rider and landscape merge into an inseparable unit as the road unfolds beneath the tires. From winding coastal roads to scenic mountain passes, our motorcycle tours offer the unique opportunity to experience the world in its true glory. Whether alone, with friends or in a group of like-minded people - our tours not only create a feeling of boundless freedom, but also unforgettable moments of togetherness. Every bend, every climb and every straight tells a story - a story of freedom, discovery and the incomparable feeling of conquering the world on two wheels. Be part of this story and start your adventure on the road with us!
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