Here you can find the most important information for your trip in Costa Rica

Travel information Costa Rica

Clothing /Luggage

Costa Rica is a tropical country, so mostly T-shirt, shorts are enough, however, in the mountains it can get noticeably cold and a sweater, long pants and sturdy shoes are then advantageous.

The motorcycle clothing should be functional, that is, light, air-permeable and equipped with protectors, but it should also protect against cold and wet. Very important are also the shoes, sturdy motorcycle boots or high hiking boots are essential.

As luggage, a robust luggage bag is suitable, which protects against moisture and dust. You can store the hard suitcases for the next cruise!

Electricity/mobile phone

Costa Rica has basically 110 volts

In Costa Rica we now have a good cell phone network, only sometimes in the mountains or on the coast you have no reception. Wifi is free at all hotels.

Paperwork and money

Travelers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland do not need a visa for Costa Rica. Please make sure that your passport is valid for six months after the date of entry and, if you are flying via the USA, that it also complies with North American entry requirements.

To drive a vehicle in Costa Rica, a European driver's license of the appropriate class is sufficient.

The Colon is the national currency of Costa Rica, but you can pay with US$ in almost all tourist places. It is also possible to pay with a credit card (Master or Visa) almost everywhere.

Practically at all banks and ATMs you can withdraw cash with Master- or Visacard, at some also with EC (Maestro).
Attention, make sure before departure that your cards are valid worldwide.


Many of our tour participants would like to extend their stay in Costa Rica to spend a few more days relaxing by the sea, or after traveling with us, to spend a few more days exploring the country on their own by motorcycle.

We will be happy to give you suggestions for an extension or ask us for additional hotel reservations.