Important information for your trip

Travel planning for Costa Rica:


Travel arrangements for our tours or motorcycle rentals are booked individually by each participant. If you need help, we can provide you with contacts who specialize in trips to Costa Rica.

We will pick you up at the airport at the desired time and take you to the hotel in Orotina or to us for motorcycle handover.
Please make sure that you have our address to hand when you enter the country, as you will need to provide it at passport control.

Accommodation and meals during the tours

Accommodation on our tours is in mid-range hotels in double rooms with single beds including breakfast.

For lunch you visit sodas, local restaurants with authentic dishes. 

In the evening, the group chooses the restaurant where you will have dinner. Please note that only the main course and water are included.


Practical tips on motorcycle clothing and equipment in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, a T-shirt and shorts under a protective vest and knee pads are often sufficient for motorcycle tours, but the colder mountain regions require a sweater, long pants and sturdy shoes. If you decide to wear full motorcycle clothing despite the heat, it should be functional, light and breathable, but still offer protection from the cold and wet, preferably with integrated protectors. Good motorcycle shoes for riding and closed, sturdy shoes for activities are essential.

For your luggage, we recommend duffel bags or side bags, which we provide here. You can store the suitcases you need for the outward and return journey with us.

Power supply and communication in Costa Rica

Costa Rica generally has a 110 volt power supply.

Costa Rica offers a reliable cell phone network for communication, although there may occasionally be restrictions in remote mountain or coastal areas. Free Wi-Fi connections are available in all hotels and restaurants. If you need a local SIM card, you can purchase one from us at a reasonable price and avoid high costs at the airport.

Entry requirements and currency in Costa Rica

A visa for Costa Rica is not required for travelers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Please make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months after the date of entry and complies with North American entry requirements if you are flying via the USA. 

IMPORTANT: You also need an entry permit for a stopover in the USA. 

The length of stay is determined individually at passport control and is usually between 90 and 180 days.
A European driving license of the appropriate category is sufficient to drive a vehicle in Costa Rica.

The national currency of Costa Rica is the colon, but US dollars are accepted in practically all places. You will then receive change in colones. Payment by credit card (MasterCard or Visa) is also widespread.

You can withdraw cash at banks and ATMs practically everywhere with MasterCard or Visa, in some cases also with EC cards (Maestro). Make sure that you activate your cards for Costa Rica before you leave.

Extend your stay in Costa Rica

Our tours are coordinated with the flight schedules of the Edelweiss Line. If you arrive earlier or depart later, we will be happy to help you relax for a few more days by the sea or explore the country on your own by motorcycle.

We will be happy to give you suggestions for an extension or assist you with additional hotel reservations.