Welcome to our Roadboat Tour Experience!

Our motorcycle tours with our rental motorcycles offer a unique experience that goes beyond simply riding. With precise navigation instructions in our roadbooks, every tour becomes a captivating journey of discovery through Costa Rica.

Our roadboat tours combine the freedom of motorcycling with well thought-out route planning. Each tour is carefully designed and equipped with a roadbook that not only contains the best routes, but also fascinating stops and sights along the way.

Whether you are traveling alone, with friends or in a group - our roadbook will guide you through winding roads, breathtaking mountain passes and charming villages. It allows you to customize the route according to your wishes while keeping full control of your motorcycle trip.

Our road boat tours are suitable for experienced bikers as well as beginners. The clear instructions make it easy to navigate, so you can concentrate fully on the riding experience and the beauty of the surroundings.

Enrich your motorcycle adventures with our roadboat tours and discover the joy of exploring while experiencing the roads and cultures of Costa Rica in an authentic and unique way. Be ready for an unforgettable ride - start your roadboat tour with us!

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