1. reservation and advance payment
The following statements apply to bookings made verbally, by telephone, in writing, by e-mail or by fax:
- With the booking (travel registration), the customer makes a binding offer to the tour operator to conclude a travel contract.
- The tour operator concludes the contract upon receipt of the booking confirmation (declaration of acceptance). It does not require any particular form. On or immediately after the conclusion of the contract, the tour operator will send the customer a travel confirmation in written or text form and indicate the amount of the first deposit.
- With the deposit you agree to the travel and rental conditions of COSTA RICA MOTO. The deposit is usually 20% of the tour price, unless otherwise agreed.
- The tour participation / rental will be confirmed after receipt of the deposit.
- The desired motorcycle will be reserved after receipt of the deposit.

2. payment
The balance must be paid in cash in USD at the start of the tour or rental. We do not accept credit cards for payment of the tour or motorcycle rental. By prior arrangement, the customer may also transfer the balance to the specified account no later than 10 days prior to departure. All transfer charges are to be borne by the customer.

3. rental of motorcycles
When renting a motorcycle, an additional deposit must be paid when picking up the motorcycle (credit card receipts are kept until the end of the year). An additional rental contract is concluded at the time of rental; this also applies to tour participants for whom a rental motorcycle is included in the tour price. If a rental motorcycle is included in the price of a guided tour, the provisions of a rental contract apply. The customer must be in possession of a valid driver's license for the rented vehicle in order to be allowed to take over the rented vehicle. This proof must be provided at the start of the tour. In case of non-compliance, Costa Rica Moto reserves the right not to hand over the rented vehicle and to exclude the participant from the tour. In this case, Costa Rica Moto is not obliged to refund the paid services in any form and is not liable for any additional costs incurred by the customer as a result of this incident. The tour participant/renter undertakes to treat the rented motorcycle with care at all times. If the motorcycle is damaged, there is no entitlement to the provision of a replacement motorcycle; the same applies if the motorcycle is stolen. If damage occurs to a motorcycle during the tour which cannot be repaired within a reasonable period of time, there is no entitlement to a replacement motorcycle, irrespective of whether the renter is responsible for the damage or whether the damage occurs through no fault of his own.

4. damage to the rented motorcycle
Damage caused by a fall or accident shall be borne by the renter and the renter shall be liable for consequential damage such as return transportation, motorcycle breakdown, deductible for insured events and for claims by third parties. Lost or unusable vehicle documents will be charged at USD 150. Lost motorcycle keys will be charged at USD 150 plus the cost of delivery of the replacement key.
You can view the maximum payload of our motorcycles in the respective descriptions on our website. If these values are exceeded, the renter is liable for the direct damage caused to the motorcycle.
All damages caused by the renter must be paid before departure, in case of insured events the contractual deductible must be paid before departure.
Costa Rica Moto reserves the right to charge the renter for damages that have not been reported.

5. motorcycle insurance

The rental of Costa Rica Moto motorcycles is covered by liability insurance. The renter/tour participant is liable for damage to the rented motorcycle and is liable for the contractual excess in the event of damage to third parties. In addition, fully comprehensive insurance can be taken out to cover damage to the rented motorcycle. The insurance conditions can be requested separately and the insurance must be ordered at least 15 days before the start of the rental tour.
The general terms and conditions of the rental contract and the conditions of the insurance company apply to all insurance against theft or damage and additional liability insurance. These do not include protection against personal injury, damage to property or negligence, e.g. due to illegal use or use of the motorcycle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The police and an insurance agent must document any accident or damage to the rental vehicle in order to be covered by the insurance. The renter is liable for any damage to the rental vehicle without a police/insurance report.

6. fines
In the event of a fine, the renter/tour participant is obliged to pay immediately and is liable for the consequential costs in the event of confiscation of the motorcycle or the license plate; he/she must report this to the rental company in any case. Costa Rica Moto reserves the right to charge the renter for unreported fines, including interest on arrears.

7. passport, visa and driver's license requirements
The renter confirms that he is in possession of a motorcycle driver's license for the respective class of the rented motorcycle. A foreign driver's license is valid as long as the stamp in the passport is valid in Costa Rica. The renter undertakes to carry his passport, driver's license and vehicle documents with him at all times when using the motorcycle.

8. minimum number of participants
We reserve the right to cancel a tour up to 45 days before the start of the tour if the minimum number of participants stated in the respective tour description has not been reached by then. The customer will be made a new offer to carry out the trip, if he does not accept this, the deposit paid will be refunded. Costa Rica Moto is not liable for any additional costs or losses (airline tickets, rental cars or hotel reservations) incurred as a result of canceling the trip.

9. withdrawal and reimbursement
The tour participant may withdraw from the tour at any time before the start of the tour. He also has the right to demand before the start of the trip that a third party takes part in the trip in his place. Costa Rica Moto may object to the participation of a third party if this third party does not meet the special requirements of the event or if legal regulations of the country of destination or official orders conflict with his participation. If a third party enters into the contract, the tour participant and the third party are jointly and severally liable to Costa Rica Moto for the tour price and any additional costs incurred.

If the participant withdraws, Costa Rica Moto is entitled to the following payments:
- Up to 60 days before the start of the event 10% of the participation fee
- Up to 45 days before the event 20% of the participation fee
- Up to 15 days before the event 50% of the participation fee
- From 14 days before the event 90% of the participation fee

Cancellation only for motorcycle rentals:
- Up to 7 days before the start of the rental free of charge
- From 6 days before the start of the rental up to the amount of the advance payment made.

10. change of the tour itinerary
The tours are highly seasonal and Costa Rica Moto will automatically adjust the hotels and the itinerary if the route changes due to weather conditions or road closures. Costa Rica Moto is not responsible for weather conditions and cannot be held liable in the event of severe weather. Refunds in the event of severe weather conditions are excluded.

11. free transfer
A transfer between the hotel you have been assigned to upon arrival and before departure and our Costa Rica Moto Station is included in all guided tours. However, certain restrictions may apply.

12 Cancellation of the tour
For reasons beyond the control of Costa Rica Moto or its contractual partners or customers, as well as in the event of force majeure such as riots, floods, earthquakes, strikes, etc., or if the tour has to be interrupted or terminated for this reason, the contract becomes invalid.

13. liability
Costa Rica Moto is liable for the careful preparation of the trip, the selection and supervision of the service providers (hotels, ferry connections, etc.), the provision of the agreed services according to local customs and an appropriate travel description.
Costa Rica Moto is also not liable for traffic accidents. Each participant is responsible and liable for his/her own driving style and choice of route, even if he/she follows the tour guide.
Furthermore, each participant agrees that the owners, organizers and representatives of Costa Rica Moto are not responsible for his/her personal safety and are not individually or jointly liable for incidents related to the conduct of or participation in the tour that result in injury, death or damage to his/her property, family, heirs or assigns.
The liability of Costa Rica Moto as tour operator and rental company, regardless of the legal basis, is limited to the amount of the tour price (rental).

14. price increases
The travel price and the rental fees are calculated on the basis of the exchange rates and costs at the time of going to press. If exchange rates or costs change, we reserve the right to change the travel price and rental fees. If the change amounts to more than
5% of the travel or rental price, the travel participant/renter may withdraw from the contract within ten days.

15. assurance of the participant
The participant assures that he is in possession of a valid driving license. He rides at his own risk and takes part in the trip with his rented motorcycle, which is licensed for public road traffic and is roadworthy. The rules of the road traffic regulations of the respective country of travel apply, as well as its legal provisions regarding liability and vehicle insurance. Costa Rica Moto has no additional insurance. The participant assures to participate in the event only with proper motorcycle protective clothing.

16. instructions to follow
If a participant violates safety regulations or if another participant or the proper execution of the event is endangered, injured or damaged by his behavior, the representatives of Costa Rica Moto have the right to exclude the participant from further participation without reimbursement of his participation fees and costs incurred. The participant must observe the road traffic regulations in the respective destination countries and adapt his driving behavior, in particular his driving speed, to the conditions of the route, the group and the traffic. It is pointed out that the driver is responsible for his own driving behavior and that he is also liable under civil and criminal law for accidents and/or damage that he causes to other participants or other third parties. The participant confirms with his/her signature that he/she has taken note of this exclusion of liability and that he/she is adequately insured.

17. disclaimer of the tenant/travel participant
Each travel participant is obliged to sign a disclaimer and a rental agreement before the start of the trip. Participation is not possible without the signature on the relevant documents.

18. services included in the cost of the tour
They are listed in detail under "Services". The tour price does not include any services that are not expressly listed as included.

19. exclusion of liability of Costa Rica Moto for external services
Costa Rica Moto is not liable for damages.

20. luggage
On guided tours we can accommodate the following:
- one piece of luggage per tour participant in the support vehicle.
Personal items such as passport, money, camera etc. should be carried on the motorcycle.
Costa Rica Moto accepts no responsibility for loss, damage, delay or delay in the provision of luggage during the tour, including deposited luggage. We recommend that you take out travel and luggage insurance.

21. reimbursement of individual travel services
If the customer cancels individual travel services that were duly offered to him for reasons for which he is responsible (e.g. due to early return or for other compelling reasons), he is not entitled to a pro rata reimbursement of the travel price. The tour operator shall endeavor to obtain reimbursement of the saved expenses from the service providers. This obligation does not apply if the benefits are only insignificant.

22.. Start and finish
of the motorcycle tours is Limonal de Coyolar, also applies to motorcycle rental.

23. photos/videos
The participants agree to the storage and publication of pictures and videos of the tour, even if they are recognizable on them. The participant will not receive any compensation from Costa Rica Moto.

24. interpretation, waiver and invalidity of the contract
Should any provision of these GTC Travel and Rental Terms and Conditions be invalid, unenforceable or ineffective, the validity of all other provisions of these GTC Travel and Rental Terms and Conditions shall remain unaffected.

25. changes to the general terms and conditions of thetravel and rental conditions
Costa Rica Moto reserves the right to change these general travel and rental conditions in whole or in part at any time. These General Terms and Conditions of Travel and Rental are published on our homepage at in the currently valid version and can be viewed there by interested parties/customers. On request, we can also send the General Terms and Conditions of Travel and Hire to the customer/prospective customer in PDF format.

26. place of jurisdiction
For all disputes, regardless of the nationality of the customer and regardless of where the damage occurs, Costa Rican courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction under Costa Rican law.