Our team

We are a team of enthusiastic motorcyclists who have made Costa Rica their home. We enjoy sharing the diversity of Costa Rica as a travel destination and providing our guests with unforgettable vacation experiences.

Fredy Imfeld

Founder of Costa Rica Moto in 2005.

Fredy is a passionate motorcyclist, has experienced Costa Rica on two wheels for over 17 years and knows the country and its people very well.

Raul Zimmermann

Takeover of the company together with his wife Regula Zimmermann in 2022.

Raul, a passionate Argentinian who moved to Switzerland in his teens, discovered his love of motorcycles at an early age. After years in Switzerland, his path eventually led him to Costa Rica. Today he works for Costa Rica Moto as a tour guide and experienced mechanic.
Raul's life journey from Argentina via Switzerland to Costa Rica is reflected in his deep understanding of different cultures and landscapes. As a passionate biker, he guides travelers through the breathtaking nature of Costa Rica and as an accomplished mechanic, he ensures that every tour runs smoothly.
With charm and expertise, Raul is not only a tour guide and mechanic at Costa Rica Moto, but also an ambassador for adventure seekers who want to experience the freedom of motorcycling amidst the tropical scenery of Costa Rica. Discover the beauty of Costa Rica on two wheels with him!



Regula Zimmermann

Regula, a trained polygraphist, brings her creative skills and her responsibility for marketing and office organization to Costa Rica Moto. In her 20s, she moved to Venezuela, where she not only perfected the language but also gained her first experience in dealing with tourists.
The similarities between Venezuela and Costa Rica meant that Regula immediately felt at home when she emigrated to Costa Rica in 2023. With her cultural understanding and enthusiasm for travel, she is a valuable resource for the Costa Rica Moto team.
Regula not only brings an international perspective to the company, but also a warm hospitality. Her passion for discovering new places and cultures is reflected in her work, while ensuring that every Costa Rica Moto guest has not only an adventure, but also a warm and memorable experience.