About us: Discover the history of Costa Rica Moto

Welcome to Costa Rica Moto, a company born out of a passion for adventure and motorcycles. Founded by Swiss Fredy Imfeld in 2005 and taken over in 2023 by Swiss-Argentines who turned their hobby into a profession and emigrated to Costa Rica, we offer travelers from all over the world unique and unforgettable experiences in Costa Rica.

Our story began with a longing for new horizons and a determination to follow our dreams. After discovering the picturesque landscapes and warm culture of Costa Rica, we decided to share our passion for motorcycling with others while creating unforgettable travel experiences.

What started as a hobby quickly developed into a successful company characterized by first-class service, tailor-made tours and attention to detail. With our team of experienced tour guides and our in-depth knowledge of the country, we strive to provide our clients with unforgettable adventures and authentic insights into the beauty of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Moto is not just about covering kilometers and experiencing adventure - it's about the pursuit of freedom, the love of nature and the joy of discovering new worlds. 

Step into our world and let Costa Rica Moto take you on a journey that will exceed your expectations.

Raul Zimmermann: A passionate biker and expert at Costa Rica Moto

Raul Zimmermann took over the management of Costa Rica Moto together with his wife Regula Zimmermann in 2022. He discovered his passion for motorcycles as a child in Argentina before moving to Switzerland in his teens. His life path eventually led him to Costa Rica, where he now works as a passionate tour guide and mechanic at Costa Rica Moto.

Raul's journey from Argentina to Costa Rica via Switzerland is reflected in his deep understanding of different cultures and landscapes. As a passionate biker, he guides travelers through the breathtaking nature of Costa Rica, carefully adapting the routes to the experience of the participants and the weather. From river crossings to paved, winding roads, Costa Rica Moto offers a diverse riding experience that showcases the beauty of the landscape in all its splendor.

With charm and expertise, Raul serves not only as a tour guide and mechanic at Costa Rica Moto, but also as an ambassador for adventure seekers who want to experience the freedom of motorcycling amidst the tropical backdrop of Costa Rica. Discover the diversity of Costa Rica on two wheels with him!

Regula Zimmermann: Creative force and host at Costa Rica Moto

Regula Zimmermann, a trained polygrapher, brings her creative skills and experience in marketing and office organization to Costa Rica Moto. In her 20s, she moved to Venezuela, where she not only honed her language skills but also gained her first experience in tourism.

The similarities between Venezuela and Costa Rica made Regula feel right at home when she emigrated to Costa Rica in 2023. With her cultural understanding and passion for traveling, she is a valuable resource for the Costa Rica Moto team.

Regula not only brings an international perspective to the company, but also warm hospitality. Her enthusiasm for discovering new places and cultures is reflected in her work, while ensuring that every Costa Rica Moto guest has not only an adventure, but also a warm and memorable experience.


At Costa Rica Moto, we believe that small groups of up to 8 people are the best way to discover the beauty of Costa Rica. Here are some of the benefits that our small group motorcycle tours offer:

  1. Personalized attention: In small groups, we can offer each participant more personal attention and support. Our experienced tour guides can better accommodate individual needs and ensure that each participant has an unforgettable experience.

  2. Flexibility and adaptability: Small groups allow us to respond more flexibly to the needs and preferences of the participants. We can adjust the route, speed and activities accordingly to ensure that everyone experiences their ideal adventure.

  3. More intimate group experience: With a small group, participants can interact more closely with each other and enjoy a more intimate group dynamic. This encourages the sharing of experiences and creates a warm and familiar atmosphere throughout the tour.

  4. Better interaction with the environment: Small groups minimize the ecological footprint and enable us to interact more sensitively with the environment. This allows us to better preserve the natural beauty of Costa Rica and improve our interaction with the local culture and population.

  5. Safety and comfort: Due to the smaller size of the group, we can offer a safer and more comfortable travel experience. We can better prepare for potential risks and provide closer supervision and support throughout the tour.

Discover the advantages of a motorcycle tour in a small group with Costa Rica Moto and experience Costa Rica in a whole new way!