FAQ - Frequently asked Questions
and answers

Is my European driver's license valid in Costa Rica or do I have to have an international driver's license?

In Costa Rica all foreign driver's licenses are accepted, even without translation.

Is there a minimum age for motorcycle rental and tour participation?

The minimum age to rent a motorcycle is 23 years, and you should also have enough driving experience.

What motorcycle equipment do I need to take to Costa Rica myself? Can I borrow anything?

Most motorcyclists take their personal equipment with them. On request, we can provide our customers with a limited number of motorcycle jackets, helmets and rain gear for a small fee.

What is the right clothing? What motorcycle equipment is recommended?

As motorcycle equipment we recommend light enduro clothing with motorcycle boots or high trekking shoes, as well as an under layer sweater and rainwear.

In which hotels (category) will you stay overnight?

In Costa Rica, hotels are rarely categorized with stars or other quality awards. Our partner hotels are selected and reserved by ourselves. The hotels have a high standard, offer a nice ambience and are always in the best location. Most of our hotels have restaurant, bars and swimming pool, so you can also relax after a long trip.

A small selection of our preferred hotels you can see here: >>>more about hotels

Can luggage that is not needed be stored temporarily?

Yes, all luggage that is not needed can be temporarily stored with us.

Do you have panniers or a pannier system on the bikes?

Our motorcycles all have luggage racks, most motorcycle travelers bring their sturdy bags or backpacks. On request, we provide for a one-time fee, luggage rolls (65L), pannier or a tank bag.

What does the "standard insurance" include?

The motorcycles of Costa Rica Moto have a liability insurance for damages to third party property and to third parties>>> See more about insurances

Is it possible to take out comprehensive insurance and theft insurance?

Yes, the voluntary insurances are taken out on request for the respective rental period and cover damages to the rented motorcycle or its theft. >>>See more about insurances

How are small camber parts such as clutch-brake levers, shift levers, etc. accounted for?

In case of damage caused by a fall or otherwise, we will replace the parts or repair them if possible and charge you according to the cost.

What to do when a motorcycle fails due to a fall or defect? How do we get a replacement motorcycle or repair?

In case of failure of a motorcycle, either from mechanical defect or from fall, we offer a 24 hrs service, or we solve the problem on the spot with a Yamaha authorized dealer located nearby (more than 25 in Costa Rica), or if this is not possible, the motorcycle will be replaced with another one, which will be charged in case of self fault or negligence, not in case of technical defect. Please read our terms and conditions

What is the deposit to be deposited for?

In principle, the renter is liable for the motorcycle during the rental period, the deposit is for any insurance claims to cover such as deductibles or damages that are not covered by insurance.

The national insurance company INS (Instituto Nacional de Seguros) is responsible for all vehicles registered in Costa Rica. Our motorcycles have a separate insurance that covers personal as well as third party property damage.

Can we extend our vacation after the motorcycle tour and add another week of swimming?

We will be happy to advise you about hotel accommodations and onward travel. We also make the reservations for the hotels and rental cars.

Is it possible to do a roadbook tour with a rental car?

Our tours are also possible with a rental car (4X4), there are sections of the route that are slightly different, but mostly lead to the same destinations. Ideal for a combined trip for the whole family with a rental car and motorcycle.

What is the security like in Costa Rica? What about theft?

Costa Rica is one of the safest travel destinations in Central America. Of course, you must always keep an eye on your belongings, no different than in Europe. We recommend that hotels make sure that there is a locked or guarded parking lot.

Are there fines for speeding or driving without a helmet?

The traffic police in Costa Rica is very present and the buses are at the same height as in Europe and of course there is a helmet requirement.

How is the gas station network in Costa Rica?

With the range of our motorcycles you have enough reserve in every area of Costa Rica.

How is the signage of each place.

Costa Rica now has a very well developed and signposted road network. Our maps, which we provide, also show secondary roads that are only used by locals. In Costa Rica, the navigation system Waze is often used for navigation.

With which tires are your motorcycles equipped?

Our motorcycles are equipped with enduro tires, which have a good grip on asphalt as well as on gravel.

Can we exchange money in Costa Rica, or does it make sense to come with money already exchanged?

In Costa Rica it is best to change US$ into the national currency Colon, Euros are rarely accepted and exchanged at a poor rate. Credit cards are accepted as a means of payment almost everywhere, but to get money in the bank, the local banks charge high fees and is not possible at every bank. Conclusion, we recommend to change US$ at home and take them with you.

Do you have further questions? Then you can contact us at any time.